Cardio VS weight training. Want to “lose weight”, which exercise should I do?

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There are many forms of exercise depending on the aptitude and interest of each person. may be broadly divided as a cardio exercise and weight training But if you want to exercise to lose weight, especially What kind of exercise should be the most appropriate?

What is cardio?

cardio exercise Is the “heart” exercise, that is, cardio is an exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the heart. and lungs to be strong Helps transport oxygen to the heart and lungs better and also stimulates the heart rate normalize blood pressure levels And also burn energy from eating excess food as well.

Put simply, cardio is a workout that leaves you exhausted, heart pounding, sweaty, breathless, speechless.

Examples of cardio exercises

  • run
  • ride a bike
  • swim
  • aerobics


What is weight training?

Weight training is an exercise that focuses on the use of strength as the main thing, that is, weight training is a muscle training exercise that relies on the force of weight from various equipment. in increasing resistance (Or maybe your own body weight) when adding resistance to your muscles on a regular basis. will cause the muscles to adapt and stronger able to withstand force or various weights better ทางเข้า ufabet

weight training exercise may not have moved his body so much that he was panting But it’s easy to notice. is to make different muscles of the body feeling pain

Examples of weight training exercises


Equipment to build muscle in the gym.


various exercise positions that does not focus on moving the body back and forth quickly Instead, it focuses primarily on muscles such as push-ups, squats, and yoga.