“Low platelet count” is a dangerous condition, but can be dealt with by naturally .

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Platelets help stop the bleeding when we get wounds. If anyone has a problem with low platelets, they will bleed easily. We have a natural way to increase platelets.

Platelets are important components of blood. It helps to stop the bleeding when we are cut or wounded by a knife and is also involved in the formation of blood clots. It is therefore important to keep the platelet count at normal levels. because if you have a low platelet count when Your body will have problems stopping the bleeding. Or it may bleed more easily than usual, so if you don’t want to suffer from these problems, hello doctor, there are ways to increase platelet count. It’s easy to do. Let’s recommend. Guarantee that your platelets will increase and also get better health .

How important are platelets and platelet counts?

Platelets or thrombocytes are colorless blood cells. Has a duty to help in making the blood clot. and reduce the loss of blood from the body when the wound occurs, ie when the blood vessels are damaged Blood vessels send signals to platelets. The platelets then secrete enzymes that help the blood to clot. together with a blood clot to stop the flow of blood Then, when the mouth of the wound was plugged and the bleeding has stopped The platelets reduce the size of the clot that is blocking the wound. so as not to affect the blood flow โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Platelets are produce in the bone marrow along with red blood cells and white blood cells. And each set of platelets will circulate in the bloodstream for about 8-10 days. The normal amount of platelets in a person is at 150,000-450,000 per microliter. But if the number of platelets decreases or less than 150,000 per microliter, will enter thrombocytopenia easy to bleed or the body has difficulty in stopping the bleeding If the platelet count is below 50,000 per microliter. The risk of serious bleeding disorders is increased. until it can be dangerous

Signs and symptoms of thrombocytopenia

thrombocytopenia (Thrombocytopenia) can result from certain diseases such as leukemia. autoimmune disease Bacteremia HIV infection Or it could be because you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time. You take blood thinners, take anticonvulsants, and if you’re treating cancer with chemotherapy or radiotherapy can also cause low platelet count.

You can observe symptoms of thrombocytopenia as follows:

  • bruising or bleeding (purpura) more easily than usual or more severe than usual
  • Superficial bleeding under the skin in small, needle-like, reddish-purple spots, known as petechiae, especially on the lower legs.
  • When wounded or hit by sharp objects often bleed for a long time and the blood does not stop flowing on its own
  • There is often bleeding from the teeth. or nosebleeds
  • bleeding from the rectum There is blood in your urine or stools.
  • Menstruation is more than usual
  • easily tired
  • enlarged spleen
  • jaundice (eg yellow skin, yellow eyes)