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Xavi plans to add Cazorla to his staff.

Santiago Cazorla had the chance to meet Xavi Hernandez at Barcelona‘s Sport City on Thursday. Victor Navarro, a correspondent for ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Thursday that. Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona’s trainer, expects to bring in Santiago Cazorla. Joining the future staff after the 38-year-old midfielder ends

Simeone smiles when asked about new contract.

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone refuses to answer about new football contract. But there were smiles during the interview on the topic. Spanish media previously reported that. The Argentine is close to signing a new contract extension with Atletico Madrid until mid-2027. With the current one

Pao reveals he spoke and sent encouragement to Pedri.

Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri has received encouragement from senior player Pao Torres. After the 20-year-old midfielder continued to struggle with injuries football. Aston Villa’s Spanish international Pao Torres has revealed that. He recently spoke with Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri to offer support to the 20-year-old

de la Fuente praises Fermin’s progress.

Barcelona’s 20-year-old midfielder Firmin López has won praise from Luis de la Fuente. But the 62-year-old coach has not confirmed whether he will call up the Barcelona squad. Spain coach Luis de la Fuente has praised the excellent skills. And incredible development of 20-year-old Barcelona

Baccarat cards, the hottest gambling game of the year

Baccarat cards the hottest gambling game of the year Why Baccarat is the number one gambling game right now? Baccarat is the bet that people like to gamble the most right now. Because it is a gambling that makes money quickly. and keep talking Come for the gambler that gambling

Techniques for betting horse racing for good profit

Techniques for betting horse racing for good profit For anyone who is starting to understand the mechanics. And the work of betting on horse racing to some extent will allow you to know that this type of betting or horse racing game has a simple. Innovative and challenging


TIPS FOR PLAYING FOOTBALL BETTING WITHOUT LOSING MONEY If you are the one who likes to bet on football. Or predict the outcome of a football match very much. And in football betting, players want to play and can predict the result accurately. Along with the predictions, players want to

Techniques to play Pokdeng card bounce to win easy.

Techniques to play Pokdeng card bounce to win easy. Pokdeng card game is a game that is easy to play and has been play for a long time. This game has an easy-to-understand gameplay that even amateur bets can play right away. For those who like to play this game

Baccarat Techniques make a beautiful profit

Baccarat Techniques make a beautiful profit. This can be considered as another popular formula that gamblers. Including as a baccarat formula website that you may have seen through some eyes. From the reviews of playing baccarat. There have been quite a few feedbacks from using the formula. The following

How to arrange three piles of cards or 13 cards easy

How to arrange three piles of cards or 13 cards easy. The 13 Card Game. Known 3 Stacks English. Is one of the card games. That people play together whether actually playing band play online. And fun to play Rules and methods of playing games or piles of cards