Simeone smiles when asked about new contract.

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone refuses to answer about new football contract. But there were smiles during the interview on the topic.

Spanish media previously reported that. The Argentine is close to signing a new contract extension with Atletico Madrid until mid-2027. With the current one set to expire at the end of this season.

The latest news announcement before the game that Atletico will travel to Las Palmas in the La Liga battle late this Friday night. The Spanish reporter did not forget to ask about the news of the contract extension for the 53-year-old trainer. UFABET

“My new contract extension? We have to think about the game against Las Palmas.” Simeone avoided a direct response. But there was a smile when asked about a new contract.

Fabrizio Romano has also confirmed that. Negotiations for a new contract for ‘El Cholo’ have reached the final stage of negotiations and are close to being concluded soon.

As for Simeone, he took over the job of managing Atletico Madrid in December 2011. Where he was able to lead the team to two La Liga championships, two Europa Leagues and one Copa del Rey.

For Simeone, he is the manager with the most team records in the club’s history (642 games). And is also the most successful, winning 8 trophies, divided into 2 La Liga times. The Copa de Real Madrid 1 time, Supercopa de Espana 1 time. UEFA Europa League 2 times and UEFA Super Cup 2 times.