Manchester United will bring Pochettino as new manager next season

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Manchester United will bring Pochettino as new manager next season

Leonardo, sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain The factory has responded to the media itself. There have growing speculations that Manchester United are moving forward. With Mauricio Pochettino to take over the Red Devils next season.

“From today on Pochettino’s current contract with PSG. Only has about a year and three months remaining and the club has no policy to replace a head coach,” the Samba winger told UFABET.

“Also, we haven’t spoken to Zinedine Zidane or anyone else. According to rumours because at the moment the manager is Pochettino. He is one of the five best managers. The best of the world at present I am confident that the team can achieve great success.”

“I see with everyone that Pochettino’s name is always associated with big teams from the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. But that means he is a top-level skilled manager at Barcelona. real world”

“The question is, has he been at PSG and had a better life on and off the pitch? How did he enjoy the Paris lifestyle? I dare to say yes to everything. Okay, people will be happy every second, it’s a bit too much. But, despite some slight frustrations, Pochettino never spoke about the transfer.

“Moving into a new job can be a tough time for him. But after things got in the way everything start to get better and better until last month I contracte the coronavirus again and it couldn’t help that strange rumors continued to arise.

“He told me that no representatives from any clubs call. And that PSG have not been contacte about that either. So I have to confirm that Pochettino’s future with us is still clear.”