Maguire is please with defensive line at Manchester United

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Maguire is please with the defensive line at Manchester Unite. And believes there is still room for improvement.

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has said the team are improving in defensive play. Under the supervision of Ralph Rangnick and there are still many things that need to be developed further.

Manchester United have conceded seven goals in 10 games since Rangnick took over as interim manager and four games have ended without conceding goals, with Maguire admitting that the team is still Keep focusing on tactics. And keep working to make everything better. including support for the offensive game of the team

“I think there is a lot that he brings into the team. And what is clearly seen is that we concede fewer goals. Manage the game to get better. It’s good for the team. Not just four defenders Or that only Mr. Anal. But it’s the whole team that benefits from playing. He told UFABET reports.

I think our play We play easier with the work of the midfield. and the vanguard working in front of us It helps a lot. But we have a lot of room to improve. especially in the possession of the ball His entry gave us better results. Everything is starting to settle. And we have to make sure his performance continues to improve week by week. If we believe in working It will bring good results.”