Gerrard lauds Manchester United comeback form

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Gerrard lauds Manchester United comeback form.

Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard is pleased with his players’ performance after their 2-2 draw with Manchester United despite being two goals down in the Premier League yesterday.

Manchester United had two goals from Bruno Fernandes. But then, in the final 13 minutes of the game. Aston Villa came in with two goals from Jacob Ramsey and Filipe Coutinho. It was the first game for the team to bring the team back to have one point in this game news present by UFABET.

“It’s a different game between the two halves. I think we had 25 minutes in the first half which was very good. But conceding a goal first is very disappointing. But we came back well after that. I never liked being behind when it came to the end of the first half. So all I have to do is motivate the players in the team. And I want to see the reaction from the players in the team. And I think we did well in the second half, despite being 2-0 down, but we managed to improve the game. Two doors behind I want players with strong character and determination and in the end our team did what I wanted. If you only look at the form in the second half If we can play like that throughout the game I believe we have a chance to win this game.”

Aston Villa are 13th in the Premier League table, winning seven, drawing two and losing 11 games this season.