De Ligt admits Juventus don’t have finisher this season

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De Ligt admits Juventus don’t have finisher this season.

Matthijs de Ligt, defender of Juventus Said admits that the team misses the scorer like Cristiano Ronaldo, who move to join Manchester United. But believes that the team can develop further in the form of a team.

De Ligt, 22, spoke after Juventus’ 2-0 win over Udinese. Which they have this season. Still struggling to get back to where it was before. After eight points behind leaders Inter Milan. But play two more games and Max Allegri said the team still lacked consistency. and experience news present by UFABET

“I heard the coach say that. And I understand what he’s conveying. Because we have many young players in the team. I was one of them At least with my age number. But I’ve playe more than 250 games at first-team level. So I have to do better.”

“It was the basis of victory for us. We have a lot to improve. This game might not be the best. But it’s best that we win. We have a lot of things waiting for us, winning six of the last eight games in Serie A is good. But we will go on.”

“A lot of people talk about Ronaldo, yes we miss him. because he is the type of player in the frame Whenever he gets the ball, he can always finish. Don’t waste your chances We have been missing players like him since the beginning of the season. We don’t have players who score 30 goals per season on our team. But we need to work hard as a team. And we have already started doing it.”