Aston Villa 2-2 Manchester United: 4 issues after

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Aston Villa 2-2 Manchester United: 4 issues after the Premier League game, Leo chased away the Red Devils.

1. Gerrard fix the game on the spot.

This game throughout the first 45 minutes must admit. That the Red Devils came above almost every point. both the door leading out quickly More control over the ball The opportunity to do so is clearer. The pressure was so intense that the attacking game of the home team looked completely frightening. Even after half-time, Stephen Gerrard resolved the game by encouraging his players to open up more offensively. Although they had score the second goal. The passing of Coutinho clearly made their attacking frightening. And with a heart that does not give up in the end Sing partisans manage to score 2 goals during the visiting team lost focus on the game. Chasing the equalizer, splitting the points back out successfully.

2. 2 goals of the Red Devils came from mistakes

It is interesting that the origin of Manchester United’s two goals in this game is partly due to the mistake of all Aston Villa players, with the first goal from a free-kick that seem to be nothing. Bruno shot also looked. Will go straight into the envelope of Amy Martinez is not difficult, but referred back to the ball slipped through the door to be indifferent. As well as the second goal that Morgan Sanson misses the ball, Fred cuts the ball before passing it on for Bruno to focus.

3. 2 new players, Villa, good form

In this game, both Luca Digne and Filipe Coutinho, two of Aston Villa new signings. Both made their debuts, with Digne starting to replace Matt Tarque. TT, which in the first half seemed to be a bit too short. But after the team adjust to focus on the attacking game. The referee looked more natural to play and also won the duel with Diogo Dalot in many strokes, which It might be quick to conclude if it’s a worthwhile investment. His replacement has clearly made an impact on the team. Since connecting the ball to connect the game They also find opportunities to do well and shoot accurately from far distances. The report UFABET news until there is a part with both doors It can be said that he became the new favorite of Villa disciples.

4. Bruno Ronaldo, two tigers who cannot play together

In this game, Cristiano Ronaldo, the pioneer of the Red Devils fans. Can not enter the field to help the team. Many people are worried about finishing the team that almost rely on him solely throughout the past period. But today Bruno Fernandes. Who has not score in many games has return to good form. Score two goals and is also the one who controls the rhythm of the game for the team as outstanding as during the new move. Which We rarely see anything like this when Ronaldo is on the pitch. Or perhaps these two are not really fit to play together.