Arnold opened up about leading Liverpool to the final league title race of the season.

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Arnold opened up about leading Liverpool to the final league title race of the season.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool ‘s top right-back gave an interview to open up about leading the Reds. Continue to hunt for the English Premier League title with Manchester City until the final match on Sunday night.

“Believe it or not. I’ve thought about it from March to April. That We may have to fight for the title with Manchester City until the last game of the season,” Trent told UFABET.

“And during the remaining seven or eight games. Football fans all over the world think the same thing, whether Liverpool or Man City. Either team has to drop points until it slips out of its orbit to win the championship first. Which happened to both sides. Until the situation has reached this point.”

“However If you look back a bit further Take it around January. We were so far behind the leader that it was unbelievable that we would be able to come back to life like this. It’s been an amazing battle for Liverpool.”

“Actually, the results are so good that we don’t even have to take anything else. But when everyone has overcome obstacles together until. They have a chance to win all 4 titles. At least let’s do it with all of your physical and mental strength first.”

“For me, this Liverpool outfit is one of the best performing teams of the season. In the history of the English Premier League.

“Entering the finals in all competitions. Including winning the league title until the last match like this. It’s beyond imagination, it’s never been done before. So what more could you ask for? This is already a great achievement. But if they win again, that’s a profit. So whatever will happen has to happen for Sunday night.”