slots 5 popular games that the most hot right now

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slots 5 popular games that the most hot right now.

Update 5 Newest Slot Games

A new slot game that we will introduce to you today. It is the newest added slot game You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET that is available and is very popular among online slots gamblers. What are the highlights of each game? What game details are there?

Caishen Richs : Joker Gaming

god of wealth The god of wealth who will give you financial blessings on Chinese New Year. that will be the beginning of counting the new zodiac years The meaning of the word Caishen means wealth, wealth, and wealth, making it the most revered by all human beings. So what blessings will you wish from this Kaichen deity? How many blessings will you bring to you? You must try.

Highlights of the game Caishen Richs

  • The maximum payout rate is up to 1,200 times.
  • There are Wild and Scatter symbols to make winning easier.
  • 25 payment paths
  • There is a free spins bonus when spinning Free Spin symbols. Initial giveaway. 12 free spins.

Four Dragons : Joker

The story of the beliefs of the ancient Chinese who believed that divine beasts are sacred. There are 4 things: swans, lust, turtles, and dragons, especially dragons. There will be a different name for each area. It is a symbol of performance and power. like a representative of the emperor Born from the heavens, the dragon becomes a sacred thing that anyone who worships will be the most auspicious for life.

Highlights of the Four Dragons game

  • There are 243 winning paths in this game.
  • Each symbol has a payout ratio based on the number of bet lines. will change, increase or decrease according to the amount of BET PER LINE
  • There are WILD and SCATTER symbols for more winning paths.
  • If you get 3 SCATTERs, you will be able to play the game for free spins.

Rolling in Gold : Voidbridge Newest Slot

It’s like a goldmine that has to drive into a cave to dig out gold. by having to go on an adventure with gold miners to navigate to find gold to make you know how rare gold is but if you can find You will get gold that you can find for yourself. back out to the so-called Rich can’t be used

Pros of Rolling in Gold

  • The Golden Cube symbol is SCATTER. If you mine 5 cubes, you will get a maximum of 12 free spins.
  • The WILD symbol can be substituted for all symbols except the scatter. 5 wild symbols will pay 200 times the payout.
  • There are 20 payment paths.
  • There are 2304 win paths.

Fortune’s warrior : Advanceplay

Fight to survive in this battlefield 5 powerful weapons that will take you out of this land. to set up a city of prosperity to occur in order to settle and conquer the battlefield as a land of wealth your weapon to get it Can you save your life from the harsh realm?

Highlights of Fortune’s warrior

  • There are 20 PAY LINE routes.
  • The highest payout rate is 1,500 times.
  • There are free spins starting at 9 times.
  • There is a bonus trigger game. that increases the prize money for you

Newest Slot Treasure of drake : Advantplay

A thousand-year-old ancient dragon that exists to protect the king’s treasures. and maintain the power to be balanced There are treasure hunters from all over the world who want to challenge the power of this treasure-guarding dragon. Those who would gain access to this five-colored treasure had to obtain permission from the guardian dragon. in order to be able to see that treasure If you want to be one of these treasure hunters You only need to collect 5 colored gems to exchange this thousand years dragon treasure. Kingdom domination!

Highlights of  Treasure of drake

  • has the highest payout rate when Symbols along the payout path x 800x
  • BET WAY up to 40 routes
  • Gems are collected to enter the bonus game mode.
  • Chance to win free spins
  • There are free spins starting at 9 times.