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Baccarat N+1 money walking formula

This formula is a formula for walking money, also known as Compound when broken Or you can bet more and more when you win. But you must accept the risk of using the formula and a certain level of capital. to be used in the N+1 formula, what is this symbol?

  • N is the unit of bet, i.e. bet twice the previous round.
  • 1 is used to represent the amount of money, for example 1 unit = 100 baht.

For example, received in the past, bet 100 baht, therefore

  • N=200 and 1=100 baht. Total = 300 baht.
  • If you continue to use this formula You will get the money walking formula N+1 =3, 7, 15, 31 and keep compounding.

There are limitations to this formula, and each situation will have different results. Cases that can be used well are:

  • Bet on winning and losing, alternating between winning and losing.
  • In the event that you bet 3 or 4 consecutive wins
  • In the event that you bet lose Consecutively 3 or 4 times
  • Consecutive wins have not lost at all since the start

This formula is not suitable for people who have no luck at all. Before starting to play using the formula It is recommended that you play in the minimum amount first. If playing, the number of losses is greater than the number. Should not use this formula at all. Because compounding requires compounding money. The budget is quite high. It might make you completely exhausted.

Baccarat formula 2021 Fibonacci lose 1 win 2 steps

The principle of this formula is to move money in series, that is, add them in order of numbers, namely

  • 0,1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 13, 21,34, 55 are incremental. A total of 10 times
  • It is a mathematical formula Fibonacci applied in betting.

This formula will help you get more profit. But this formula is suitable for people who are calm. because it is a slow profit If losing, bet 1 time of the lost money The procedure for using the formula is as follows.

  • Eyes 1-3 if losing, on the 4th place bet 3 units, and if losing again, keep betting. by the amount in the serial number Fibo Nacci
  • If you lose 10 times, stop playing immediately.
  • If the 10th time wins Let you reduce the steps down to 2 units, respectively, the 8th unit.

for this technique Don’t have to wait to lose 10 times, then step back. If you play 5 turns and get the 6th turn, follow back down 2 steps. Keep doing this.