Online snooker play format

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Online snooker play format 

First of all, get to know the sport of snooker a bit before learning the rules. There will be different devices as follows. Cue sticks, balls and snooker tables. As for snooker balls , there will be 1 white ball and 15 red balls, 8 colored balls. As for how to play, You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET just bet on the snooker ball. Let’s start with the red stab down first. followed by colors in order and then come to stab red And continue with the color to go down all 6 holes and so on. In order to collect as many points as possible and be the winner in that game.

The odds of online snooker

The odds are divided into two types as follows:

  1. Handicap type It will be a general frame-to-frame odds similar to online football betting. In the snooker tournament , there will be a total of 3 games. If either side wins 2 out of 3 or wins all 3 games, it will be considered a winner.
  2. Moneyline pattern is that you can make predictions in a simple way. which side will be the winner

How to count points for snooker online

snooker ball There will be a total of 22balls in the tournament and each ball will have a different bet score as follows.

  • 1 white ball – (White has no points Use a stab to hit other colors to get points. but if the white goes into the hole, it will add points to the opposite side immediately)
  • Red has 15 balls, get 1 point each.
  • yellow ball gets 2 points each.
  • green ball gets 3 points each.
  • brown ball gets 4 points each.
  • blue ball gets 5 points each.
  • pink ball gets 6 points each.
  • black ball gets 7 points each.

Approximately, which side will lose? Or win in betting depends on skill and scoring skills. In order to get a higher score, the opposite side will win.