How to arrange three piles of cards or 13 cards easy

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How to arrange three piles of cards or 13 cards easy.

The 13 Card Game. Known 3 Stacks English. Is one of the card games. That people play together whether actually playing band play online. And fun to play Rules and methods of playing games or piles of cards are not difficult. 

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First of all, let’s know how to arrange 13 cards or 3 piles of cards. Simple way to remember that. They are arrange into 3 piles 3-3-5, namely 3 top rows, 5 middle rows, 5 bottom rows.

Which are the bottom rows. the best is The pile of cards with the most points, respectively.

1. 13 cards or three piles. There must be 2 or more players. 

2. To each player Each person will receive a total of 13 cards.

3. Arrange the 13 cards received within 1 minute to the 1st row of cards. It is the card with the largest order. Row 2 and Row 3 are follow by row 3, respectively.

4. If the cards are arrange correctly There will be an O symbol in front of the row of cards. There will be a warning message to rearrange.

6. Without having to compare the card results with other players

7. Winning all 3 rows of other players will count as an All Kill, earning X2 gold.

8. In 13 card games, players can auto-arrange their cards.