Is “raw instant noodles” harmful to the body?

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I believe that many people must have tried it. Or maybe like to eat raw instant noodles. The type that is not boiled with hot water. by breaking or crushing the noodles into small pieces Mix with condiments in the sachet. Eat as a snack or as a snack. Get intense flavor Likes a lot of children Even some adults like to eat it.

But have you ever wondered whether Instant noodles are produced to be eaten in the form of boiling. Or soak in hot water until the noodles are soft. If eaten raw, crispy without heat How will it affect the body? And is it dangerous? ยููฟ่าเบท

effects on the body from eating raw instant noodles

Some people may have read or have heard that Eating raw will suck the gastric juices in the intestines. cause dehydration until shock

Instant noodles are made from flour and cook in hot water. Before being frie in oil or to dry and then bring it to boil again When add to hot water Or boil to absorb the water. And swell to some degree as well as being soft suitable for consumption

However, instant  If eaten raw When consumed in the body, it is like eating flour or bread, so it cannot absorb the gastric juices in the intestines. And cause dehydration as many people understand, but eating raw instant can cause bloating, indigestion, and colic.