Causes of “blackouts” while exercising

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Causes of “blackouts” while exercising. Hot flashes often caused by insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain for a short period of time. Or it could cause by having a brain tumor. The balance system is malfunctioning. malfunctioning brain Or it may be a sign of other diseases. Which the symptoms are often nausea, dizziness, fatigue, abnormal vision. or may see a white-black image. Before blackout In addition. Body temperature may also change, for example, your body is suddenly drenched in sweat. Weak pulse rapid heartbeat or loss of muscle control and eventually fell. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

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There are 5 factors that cause hot flashes, including:

  1. age

Age is the most important factor. to cause a stroke without knowing it All organs mature at the age of 30, but after that they begin to deteriorate. As you get older, your blood vessels will constrict. The blood supply to the heart muscle will reduce as well. Therefore, as the age increases, but still exercise as hard as before It will cause blackouts while exercising. And if severe, it may risk even death. Therefore, the elderly must exercise only in moderation. And don’t overdo it.

  1. congenital disease

Congenital disease is another factor. That can cause blackouts while exercising. That is, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes,  anemia , obesity, epilepsy, etc. by people with congenital disease or may not have known before that they have these diseases. In fact, you can still exercise, but not too hard. for example Exercise with the correct aerobic method. which in addition to making the body stronger It also helps in treating diseases as well. However, if wanting to exercise in other ways Should consult a doctor first. in order not to cause a blackout or a risk to life

  1. drinking, smoking

Excessive amounts of liquor will deteriorate the body. And affect internal organs such as the liver, nervous system and muscles are destroyed. Those who drink alcohol before going to exercise alcohol that enters the body It makes the blood pump more and the blood sugar level is lower. until fainting or blackouts occur Smoking contains many toxic substances, including tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. These substances have the effect of stimulating high blood cholesterol. Until acute myocardial ischemia and the body lacks oxygen However, if smoking before exercising will cause the pulse to beat faster and may suffocate to death or fainting and blackouts

  1. weather

Air pollution, whether it’s dust, toxic fumes, toxins, can harm people who exercise. Large enough doses can cause nausea, dizziness, fainting and blackouts. Including if exercising in very cold or very hot weather. It will cause the body temperature to change abruptly. until it can cause blackouts as well Or it may have more serious consequences, even death. Therefore, you should exercise in a place where the temperature is normal and constant.

  1. infection

easy infection Especially in the respiratory system, such as colds, bronchitis and pneumonia, it will reduce breathing. and the body lacks oxygen In exercise, more oxygen is needed. But when the above symptoms It will cause oxygen deprivation to the point of a stroke as well, so if your health is not strong Should take care of the illness to recover well before exercising. Or talk to your doctor about other exercise options.